Monday, 15 February 2016

Alli Malarum Adhikaalai - Award Winning Tamil Short Film 2015

Winner of the 1st Goa Short Film Festival 2014 for Best Director & Official Selection at the 12th World Film Festival of Bangkok. 

Alli Malarum Adhikaalai ( English Title : The Water Lily that Blossoms in the Early Morning ) revolves around Arun, a newspaper delivery boy, whose life changes when he sees the beautiful college girl Swapna. Taking time out to admire her every day albeit from a distance, Arun’s world is shattered when he learns that Swapna is about to move to a new area, one that’s off his route.

Produced by Monish Film Production
Written & Directed by Monish
Cinematography - Karthik
Editing - Kumaravel
Background Score - Sathriyan R
Sound Engineer- Mohan Kumar M
DI & Vfx - The Company Post
Co Director - Balaji Krishnan
Assistant Directors - Nandan, Saravana, Shyam Sundar, R Bala, Satya Narayan Yadaw, SathyaMoorthy.S, Kirran Prashaanth
Assistant Cameraman - Sujith 
Subtitles - Pradeep K Vijayan

Cast : Abiram Krishna, Ishwarya, Abilash Rinald, Adarsh, R Bala, Patrick Arul, Bhaskar, Sathish

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